Each plush toy has been created with love and gone through multiple levels of editing to get the perfect result.
They are safe indeed. Neodymium magnets have actually been shown to help treat Major Depressive Disorder when used in medical devices. We ask that children be at least four years of age when wearing the band. We also ask that parents make sure children have the strength to pull their wrist free from a surface that attracts the magnetic parts.
Plush toys should always be pulled from the plastic base. We created a base for the plush toy with a diameter larger than the diameter of the wrist band plastic. This ensures excess wear doesn’t happen at the joint between the plush toy and the plastic base.
We try to see the future the best we can, but we can’t always tell which MagniPals will become more collectible than others. Special and limited releases are planned for the future, so stay up to date to make sure you are first in line for any new release!
The band is made from food grade silicone. The plastic is made from ABS materials. The Plush toy is made from soft spandex and filled with polyester fiber. The magnets encased inside of the plastic are neodymium magnets.